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Semana Santa Soup


Because Papa is having his radiation therapy and he was advised by the doctor to eat lots of green leafy vegetables, all the dishes I cook should always have “grasses” in it. Malunggay is ever present, so is dahon ng sili, kangkong shows up once in a while, celery when needed and camote tops when he feels like it. So far, I haven’t let him try Popeye’s powerful spinach. Thus, today’s menu included such.

It’s holy week and Catholics are encouraged to either fast or abstain from eating meat. Because I am  a Catholic school girl, I abide by my church’s teachings. Hihi. So what’s in the fridge? There’s Dory (the ever reliable cream dory), which can be cooked practically anyway you want. Good thing there’s stuff being sold in the palengke and I was able to get hold of white corn (which I think is better to use than the yellow one) and spinach.

Now meet, Semana Santa soup aka Corn and Spinach soup with Fish Fillet.Image

Just like the previous post, you will be needing hugas bigas for this one. I didn’t have a chicken stock so I was forced to use fish bouillion (tsk..tsk..). But if you have chicken stock, that would be better.


hugas bigas (water you get from washing rice grains)

2 cobs white corn, grated (blender can be used to sort of cream it)

garlic, smashed

ginger, peeled then smashed


dash of salt and pepper

1 piece cream dory, cut into cubes

2 fish bouillions

spinach (depends on how many you want)

toasted garlic and french fried onions (oui!, used the french’s brand)

When the hugas bigas is boiling put the garlic and ginger (yes, no need to saute it), fish bouillion comes next, then the creamed corn, then the fish fillet and spinach, last. Add salt and pepper to taste. Let it boil. Check if the fish fillet is cooked already then you may turn off the gas stove now.

Put in a soup bowl, garnish with toasted garlic and fried french onion. Ready to serve! Bon Appetit!

(Yes, I am writing in English this time because the weather made me do so.)


Pinoy Corn Soup (Sopa de Maiz)


Bukod sa palay ay marami rin tayong tanim na mais. Ang mais ay masarap gawing maja blanca, binatog, chichacorn, mais con yelo at iba pa. Hindi lang ito pang himagas, maari rin ito gawing soup! 

At heto ang aking version ng Sopa de Maiz.


4 pirasong mais (mas gusto ko ang puting mais pero wala kasi sa palengke kaya sweet corn ang ginamit ko) 

8 cups ng hugas bigas


dahon ng sili



Madali lang itong gawin. Gadgarin o di kaya ay tanggalin ang mga butil ng mais gamit ang kutsilyo. Dahil malalaki pa ang butil, ginamit ko ang blender para i-cream ang mais. Buti na lang may button na grate ang blender ko. Bahagyang pagke-cream lang ang ginawa ko para may buo-buo pang mais. 

Pakuluan ang hugas bigas. Ilagay ang pinitpit na bawang. Masarap ang marami. Pag kumukulo na ang hugas bigas, ilagay ang mais. Timplahan ng asin at paminta. Pag kumulo na ay ilagay ang dahon ng sili. Maari rin maglagay ng malunggay para mas masustansiya. 

Voila, may sopa de maiz ka na! Dali lang di ba?